Outdoor March Cycling Continues

Since Roy was unable to lead his Wednesday night ride, I led it for him. We had a good turnout, due to the weather, and despite the early start time of 5:26pm – about 10 riders if I recall. Most had lights, and we were able to get in 30+ miles, before it got too dark.

Hill Training Ride Start

We had two rides posted for Saturday, Roy’s and George’s ride. I decided to ride George’s ride. George had a good turnout. Some even rode over. I arrived just before the start time, and quickly got my gear on. Though, I didn’t have to rush, since George forget his helmet, and had to drive back home to get it. That also worked out for those who rode over, since one rider was running late.

The weather wasn’t great at the start, but the fog / mist went away, and the sun even came out for a bit. Still, to be able to ride in bibs, in March is fantastic. We ended up doing 31.5 miles (average speed 17.4), since George cut the ride short, due to the rain that was to come later in the day.

Great ride George!

30 / 60 mile riders, Sunday morning, in March

The two rides starting at Roy’s had a good turnout. We rode together for awhile, regrouped, and then when we got into Fermi, the longer option riders headed on to Elburn. There were seven of us, and we got back without any flats, with 60 miles on our legs.