April 1, 2012 has arrived, and here’s what we did …

Monday, March 26
Roy had a Show and Go, Recovery Ride.

Tuesday, March 27
Bill Schwartz led the 9am, IMAX Ride.

Wednesday, March 28

Since Roy was out of town, I lead his ride. We got in about 30 miles just before it got too dark. Though, I always have lights, others too, I don’t mind riding in the dark. Anyway, it was a good turnout, due to the warm March weather. Some stayed for beer after the ride.

Thursday, March 29
Bill Schwartz led the 9am, IMAX Ride.

Saturday, March 31
Since it’s still early in the season, the ride calendar is not full yet. Anyway, on Saturday, we had two ride options. Roughly, 33 miles and 60 miles, at a faster pace.

We all rode together, until around Woodridge, then we split up into two groups. Roy’s group got in 33 miles, my group of 3, got in 61 miles.

Sunday, April 1
Again, we had to groups, and we rode together for around the first 15 miles, regrouping when needed. After going our separate ways, my group headed out to Elburn. Pretty good workout. We stopped in Elburn to refuel, then headed back. Thanks to Larry, our average was 17.1 for the 56 mile route.

That was the NBC week. This is written, for those who don’t know NBC, and who are looking for rides. We welcome all, and we encourage others within the club to lead rides, at any pace. The club is a great club, with around 100 members plus, right now. More than enough members to offer other riding options. That’s what makes a great club, rides and ride leaders. The more rides posted on the NBC calendar, the bigger the club we be.

Come out and join us — or should I say, join us, and post a ride.