The Saturday Ride 4.7.12, before Easter recap …

I was the ride leader today, as Roy was on a second honeymoon, so to speak. 14 riders showed up for the 9:26am ride. The weather was perfect, except for the fairly strong south wind. The ride was out to Ashley, then to Oswego, then head back up Wooley, and the usual way back.

Since some needed to get back early, Kevin C., Wally, Brent and Carole turned back after we regroup at the firehouse, on 127th. Then the rest of us (Janet, Eric, Heather, Guy, Mike R., Fred, Alex, Colorado John, Larry and one other guy, though I couldn’t read his name on the ride sheet — that has to change) carried on to Ashley. Unfortunately, Fred got a flat, and no one realized that he flatted, and we all carried on. Janet was with him. We waited at Walker, then I rode back a ways, and saw another guy, who was with us, that’s how I knew someone flatted. He turned back, and I told him, we would wait, so tell Fred and Janet. After waiting, they didn’t show. So, Eric said, I’ll ride back to find them. Then after Eric found them he rode the route backwards to regroup with us. Fred and Janet just headed back.

After regrouping with Eric on Minkler, we all headed to the convenience store in Oswego as a rest stop.

We ended up with 60 miles, and the tailwind back was great. I was able to work on my tan too, legs only.

Hope to see more out soon. I would like to see more club members offering rides, all types, easy to fast. The more the better for the club.

See you on the road …