The first 2012 actual Blur ride — ride report

Well it wasn’t the first Blur ride of 2012, but it was the fastest.

Considering the good weather, the turnout wasn’t great. Though 6pm can be hard for some. Anyway, Dietmar and Anwar were there when I arrived. Dietmar even had the new ride sheet, with his name printed on it, off his computer. Next, Doug arrived, then Fred and finally Jos. No women, sad.

As we left the parking lot, we saw another rider, who I recognized. It was Roy’s neighbor, Tommy, who can’t even be 20 years old. I asked him, “are you going to ride with us?” He said “yes”, and he was with us, but when we got to Route 59, he was nowhere in sight. Not sure what happened, because he’s a fast guy, at least he looks fast.

The pace picked up on 248, and we were off. We had some break ups, but everyone soon bridged the gaps. On Douglas, we hooked up with a guy named Caleb. Apparently Doug and Dietmar know him. Another young guy, who got out in front on Wooley, and we were soon doing 26mph. He pulled all the way back to 248, before turning right on 248, to head home.

I was a wheel sucker last night, I promise to take some pulls later in the season. But, a big thanks to those out in front, great pulls. I always check the average, just before getting to the parking lot, and I was surprised our average was well over 21mph. Again, thanks to the guys out in front.

The only things that could have made the ride better last night, would have been: A few degrees warmer, more riders, and women riders, especially Shark, with her new bike. Otherwise, it was a great fast ride.

See you on the next ride or Blur …