First Century of 2012 — Ride Report

The century started at Roy’s Sunday morning at 8am. Matt was the first to arrive, then Eric and Brent. Next Michelle showed up, and two of Brent’s friends, Nate and Bill.

The weather was okay, but it could have been a bit warmer, and the wind was at least 20mph. We got a little wet coming back through Batavia, but no big deal.


Before Maple Park, Michelle was staring to fall off the back. I slowed down and told her to draft behind me. I think she was having a bad day, since she didn’t seem to grasp the concept of drafting (which she does). And when I looked at her, through my mirror, her face looked bad. Like someone who was suffering. After, arriving in Hampshire, Brent said she only had ridden a hundred miles this year. Considering that, she did really well, and got in 80 miles, before calling it quits in St. Charles. She had someone pick her up there. As a side note, you should have at least 600-800 miles on your legs, before doing a century.

Before Sycamore, four large dogs came running out towards the road. One took after Nate, a Great Dane. Nate, put the hammer down, on his hybrid bike, and finally dropped the dog. Then it came back our way, and finally went home. Though Nate, pulled over into a driveway, and bent over. I thought he was going to hurl. But, he actually had a cramp in his leg, because of the dog chasing him. It was all pretty funny, after the fact.

Within a mile, another dog came out onto the road. This time, right next to me. I slowed down, because I could tell the dog looked friendly. After yelling at it, it took off for Michelle and Brent.

Before Hampshire, the wind was pretty strong, and one stretch Matt and I took off, and took turns pulling. Great workout, Matt said.

In Hampshire, we stopped at the Subway for lunch. Michelle was thinking about calling a cab, not sure she would have gotten one. So, she continued on with us, but way off the back. She had a cue sheet, a very good one, that Eric setup. She just wanted to ride by herself, but we did wait for her at turns, just in case. Though she didn’t really appreciate our waiting.

After Hampshire, it was around 41 miles back. It was like doing intervals most of the way back, due to the headwind. We would get a side wind for awhile, which was pretty easy to ride in, then back into a headwind. This continued on for most of the way back.

We stopped for a bathroom break at LeRoy, just outside of St. Charles. I guess after we left, Bill somehow went over his handle bars. Eric and I were off the front, so we wondered, where are Bill and Brent. Bill was okay, just a weird thing. Maybe it was his tri-bike. :)

Michelle went to St. Charles, then we took Nate into Geneva for his ride back. Then coming through Batavia, we hit some rain. Matt goes, “it’s really coming down.” I told him, wait until you start riding Brevets.

It was Nate’s first century, almost, since he had to cut it short due to time issues. Otherwise he would have made it.

Anyway, great to have the first century in, and thanks to Eric for a good route. It took us from 8am to 4pm to complete, due to stopping, lunch, wind, dogs, but that’s okay. I knew it was going to be along day. We only averaged 16.3, due to the items I mentioned.

Hope to see more out, for the next one.