June Somonauk Century

Well, an almost perfect century today. Though we did make a wrong turn. I’ll keep this short and simple.

Leaving from Roy’s at 7:30am, I had six riders doing the my century, myself included. Roy had about the same amount, doing his 50.

Heading out, turning onto 248, we saw Dietmar, solo coming back from his 45 mile morning ride, or maybe I should say solo hammer workout. He turned around, and rode with us for a around a block.

Going south wasn’t too bad, but turning west, we had a pretty strong headwind. All we could manage was around 15 – 18 mph.

Arriving in Newark, we saw Mary Tobiason at the BP station, Fred’s girlfriend :). She knows me too, and we talked with her a bit. She was riding with some guy, maybe her husband?

After riding through Sheridan, and doing the climb up after crossing the Fox River, we started to pick up the tailwind. Some of my riders started to fall off the back. Yes, due to lack of miles, but also due to poor nutrition.Truth be told, I was a bit hung over, and wasn’t up to par.

As I said before, we made some wrong turn, or we actually missed it. I need to get a GPS. Anyway, thanks to everyone, we got back on course, and headed into Yorkville.

We all came back with 106.3 miles, with an average of 17.5, thanks to the tailwind on the return. Those who made the ride: Bob, Larry, Jay, Fred, and Joe. Thanks guys for a good ride.

I’ll be leading another century, next Saturday, weather permitting.