Highlights of our 63 mile ride on Saturday …

We headed out to Ashley, after stopping at the convenience store in Oswego. We took the trail up to Reservation, and met three other riders, headed our way, sort of. The Beast started talking to them, and they said they were headed out to Sheridan.

We regrouped at Reservation and Minkler, while waiting another group of riders came up behind us, and a pick-up truck. Next, I notice to my left, a bunch of riders, about 15 – 20, and I soon realized it was the Park District racer boys. So, I move to the other side of Minkler, and watched them come down the hill towards Reservation. The dude in the front was yelling, at my group of riders, plus those behind them. He was saying, MOVE IT, MOVE IT, as he was flying down the road at 35 mph. My group wasn’t in his way, no one was. I think he was pissed off, because he had to slow down to like 25 mph, to make the turn. Though, he came pretty close to becoming a hood ornament on that pick-up truck.

When we got to Ashley and Walker, those three guys we met, decided to ride with us all the way back to Roy’s. One guy was from Oswego, the other two were from Ottawa, IL. They were friends, and one of guys from Ottawa, is in charge of organizing the Pumpkin Pie ride. They all started from Oswego.

Almost back, at the intersection of Washington and Gartner, we got the red light. While waiting I notice this van in front of us, with a Vision Quest sticker on it. So, I moved up to the driver’s side, and noticed it was Casey. I talked with her a bit, and asked her if she was up in Michigan doing her Dad’s invitational, which is called Bike Benzie — http://www.bikebenzie.org/ . She was, and she asked me if I did it. I said sort of, I actually forgot all about that ride, but I was out riding August 19th, and happened to see some Bike Benzie riders on M-22.

Back at Roy’s those three guys we met headed to Quigley’s for some food, before heading to Plainfield, to take in the beer fest happening there.

Despite the heat, it was a good day to be on the bike.