July 13, Metric Ride

Beast and Sis — Sis on her new bike, photo by Ace

I haven’t done a post in along time, and it seems others are not willing — that’s okay.

Today’s ride wasn’t stellar (but it warrants a post), the weather was great, and a bunch of very good riders / friends came out for the 63 + route. But it was stellar, because of the following highlights:

It was one of those rides, where everyone had a good time, though as they say, a bad day on a bike, is better than a good day in the office. No mechanicals, though Phil wanted water, private joke. Though we stopped on the way back, at the fire station on 127th. No drops, and everyone was looked after. And yes there’s more to riding then speed, but we averaged 17.9.

We saw Tom Clarke aka Ace at Commissioners Park, riding with LifeTime. It would have been fun to ride with them, but we could not wait. Maybe next time.

We saw the Park District boys on Ashley, a very large group today, about 25. I might even have had a chance in that size of a group, maybe not — still, I need to do that ride sometime.

The Beast was stirring the pot today, and told Kaye to get out and pull. And she did, and he was kidding. Though, she did very well pulling up to 22mph. Thanks Kaye, riding that century has paid off, and the more you push it the faster and stronger you will be. That holds true for any rider.

The riders today: Kaye, Heather, Mike, Larry, Rudy, Scott, Phil, Rick, Alex, and Jane. Hope I didn’t miss anyone.

Hope to see a good turn-out at the picnic. So far we have 21.


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