New Glarus 2013,
20 Years later …

For all those who were unable to make the long weekend outing.

I arrived around 11:30am, and stopped at the local Subway for lunch. Erik Hess was there, so I joined him for lunch. After lunch we headed over to the hotel. Too my surprise I was able to check-in early this year. And they made a special exception this year, and allowed bikes in the rooms. Not sure that will happen again.

There was a good turnout for the Friday ride about 15 riders. I say 15, because we had 14 to start with, and Alex rode the reverse route, since he could not make the ride start.

It was a pretty hot day, and some wind, but overall a beautiful day.

We met for dinner around 6pm at the Glarner Stube. Then back to the hotel for drinks.

You can find George’s slideshow for Friday at:


After a good breakfast at the hotel, which is included in the room fee, we headed out around 8:45am, due to a mechanical. I think Larry had around 20 riders. Including Rudy, who drove up for the Saturday ride only. Heading to Mt. Horeb, we had a few sprinkles, but that was it. The gas station in Mt. Horeb has been totally remodeled now, including a bike rack and tables.

While at the bar, Dave and Michelle arrived. They joined us for dinner, and for the Sunday ride.

Puempel's Olde Tavern — post ride drinks

Tossing a bill. My first try almost took out Dietmar's eye, Mike then had a go, no luck, then my second try, after some coaching, it stuck.

We had dinner at the hotel, outside, since there was a wedding at the usual dinner spot. It was family style and very good. After dinner Larry handed everyone a special pint glass, to celebrate 20 years of rides in New Glarus. And thanked Heather, who designed the artwork. Heather unfortunately was unable to make it this year.

You can find George’s slideshow for Saturday at:

Sunday always has the least amount of riders. Some didn’t ride, because they wanted to enjoy the day with their better half. Some were tried, and some left to watch football.
Anyway, it was nice and cool, after a very hot Saturday ride. It was overcast, but no rain, just some wind. When we got to Attica, some turned back early. They had enough.
Almost back, this PACTour trailer passed us, very cool. Then this large dump truck coming around a corner, heading towards us came very close to us. Yikes! The bulk of the riders, missed the turn coming back, and we ended up on 69, across from the camp grounds. So, we rode the shoulder back to the hotel, nice downhill.

We got back in time to shower, checkout (before 11am) and eat breakfast, after starting at 7:15am.

Larry, thanks again for making this trip one of the highlights of the year.

Some Garmin data for Friday and Saturday, provided by Dan, with different elevation gains.

Friday Data
Distance: 42.31 mi
Time: 2:33:16
Avg Speed: 16.6 mph
Dan’s Elevation Gain: 3,993 ft
Larry’s “Ride with GPS” Elevation Gain: 3,481 ft
Dietmar’s Elevation Gain: 2,600 ft
Jane’s Elevation Gain: 3,028 ft
Max Speed: 40.2 mph

Saturday Data
Distance: 65.23 mi
Time: 3:49:14
Avg Speed: 17.1 mph
Dan’s Elevation Gain: 5,059 ft
Larry’s “Ride with GPS” Elevation Gain: 4,644 ft
Dietmar’s Elevation Gain: 3,300 ft
Jane’s Elevation Gain: 3,652 ft
Max Speed: 42.9 mph

Some Garmin data for Sunday, provided by Dietmar/Jane.

Sunday Data
Distance: 41.23 mi
Time: 2:32:23
Avg Speed: 16.2 mph
Larry’s “Ride with GPS” Elevation Gain: 3,405 ft
Dietmar’s Elevation Gain: 2,534 ft
Jane’s Elevation Gain: 2,835
Max Speed: 37.4 mph

And finally elevation gain from SportTracks
Friday 3,093 ft
Saturday 3,979 ft
Sunday 3,092 ft