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Why Should I Join a Bicycle Club?

Probably many cyclists have only ridden on the Illinois Prairie Path or in their local subdivision. This is a good way to get started biking, but after riding the Illinois Prairie Path or local streets many times, it starts to get boring. You start to think that it would be nice to ride other places, but the thought of riding some local streets by yourself isn't too appealing. You might also think that it would be nice to ride some weekends or take cycling trips in places like Wisconsin, Arizona, and Michigan — while camping out or staying in a hotel / motel.

Maybe you think that it would be nice to meet other folks like you who enjoy biking.

Maybe you would like to improve your cycling skills, learn to ride in a group. Or just enjoy the day with friends, while on a bike, during a short, long or very long ride.

Maybe you're just into mountain biking, and want to find others who want to explore new terrain.

Maybe you're looking for that romantic somebody who enjoys outdoor activities like you do. The Naperville Bicycle club has had a few marriages between members since it's beginning!

Well, if any of the above scenarios sound like they might fit you, then consider riding with, or joining, the Naperville Bicycle Club.

Joining or renewing is easy using the two different ways below. But, dues shall be payable by March 31st of the fiscal year. Dues from new or renewing members paid on or after November 1 will be applied to the next year.


We are a bicycle club with members from ages 18 to 70+.

We have all kinds of rides during the season, easy, moderate, fast, and very fast. For most the season of outdoor riding is from March to October. Though, if you're a hardy person, who hates riding indoors, there are plenty of outdoor rides posted on the NBC ride calendar — throughout the year, starting News Years Day — on the road and MTB rides too.

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